Checking unconnected pins in Eagle

Note: in version 7.7 this problem is solved, unconnected pins are shown in the Pinlist (file> export Pinlist).

When manufacturing a large number of PCBs, you always will make one or more prototypes first. Imagine, you want to have your final Eagle project manufactured, but you want to make a few minor changes first. You have to be very careful now, because every mistake is disastrous, you don't want to throw away 1000 PCB's assembled with parts, and modifying is not a good option either.

A good way to final-check your Eagle circuit is to check the list of unconnected pins. You may have accidentally deleted a connection on the schematic during the last modification, and this will not be found with the Electrical Rule Check or Design Rule Check. Unfortunately, Eagle is missing a way to show a list of all unconnected pins. For this, I found a solution:

Determine the number of unconnected pins in Eagle

Export in Eagle as text file:

  • file> export Netlist
  • file> export Pinlist

You now have two files:

  • Remove the unnecessary text in both files.
  • Remove the empty rows in both files.

The number of unconnected pins is the difference in the number of rows in both files, this number must match the number of unconnected pins in the schematic that you have count.

I did this with Excel, with which you can automatically delete empty rows and see the number of lines.

Eagle layer color settings numbering

We can set the colors of the layers in Eagle by using a script. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any overview on the internet, so I made one myself:

Eagle PCB layer color setting script numbering
Eagle PCB layer color setting script numbering

I've made this image quick, if someone has an improved version, I'd like to hear it.

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