For my Maxun One solar bike, I want to use the 2,9kg Active line Bosch mid-drive motor, model 2017, whose weight has to be reduced. Currently, a hub motor is used in the front wheel. The total weight of the solar bike, including the PV panels, battery and motor is about 17 kg. The Bosch mid drive motor is too heavy. In order not to increase the weight of the solar bike too much, the weight of the Bosch ebike motor has to be reduced, preferably to 2 kg.

Bosch Active line 2017
Bosch Active line 2017 2.9kg

I am looking for someone, preferably living in the vicinity of Maastricht (the Netherlands / Nordrhein-Westfalen), who like to carry out this project.
This Bosch Active Line motor is available for you and you can keep it. It must be examined what the possibilities are for saving weight.

Do you have any comments? Please let me know.
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