I will spend all time now on building the solar panels, so the development of these additional electronics has to wait. Some people are already working on these applications, which will save me a lot of work.

Constant motor power control

Instead of a throttle, I use a three-position switch, by which a motor power of 0W, 150W or 250W can be selected. The motor power is controlled by an Arduino and kept constant.

Android phone ebike console

An easy way to build an ebike console is to use an Android phone as basis. With an Arduino Bluetooth shield, the smartphone can be controlled wirelessly by an Arduino. Communication software is free available and developed by the open source project: Amarino-toolkit.

Bike information:

  • Time & date
  • Speed (current, average, maximum)
  • Distance (trip, total)
  • Time (trip, total)
  • Stopwatch
  • Temperature
  • Cadence

Ebike information:

  • Data logging
  • Remaining battery charge
  • Battery voltage and current
  • Motor power
  • Solar panel power
The hardware and software for the motor power measurement is ready, see the article E-bike Wattmeter with an Arduino.

Open source smart ebike controller with the KU63

By replacing the motor controller CPU by another CPU, the software can be customized. See here how the KU63 motor controller is used as base for an open source ebike smart controller.

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