Do you have a new product and are you looking for a strong and striking trademark? It is hard to find unique, appropriate trademarks. If your product is a smartphone, vehicle or television, then Xala may be a good choice. It sounds very well in combination with these products:

  • Samsung Xala smartphone
  • Volkswagen Xala hybrid car
  • Xala television

Xala is a so-called fanciful mark, this is the most successful mark category, see these companies:

  • Google
  • Kodak
  • Starbucks
  • Pepsi

The beauty of the name Xala is its shortness and the modern look. It is very memorable and distinctive. The name Xala is also unique, it is only used by a company in a completely other branch: home and garden, so this does not conflict.

Xala is registered in the Benelux:

Xala trademark for sale
Xala trademark for sale

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