Avoid blowing up fuses

A serious problem is that circuit breakers or fuses in the breaker box are blown frequently when using spot welders. By the use of the here described spot welder controller, this will be avoided.


With this controller, you can control the power of a spot welder. This is done by setting three timings: the pre-weld pulse, the weld pause and the welding time.

I have developed the D.I.Y spot welder because I needed a special spot welder for the building of my Maxun One solar bike. It turned out that the spot welder is being built by many people worldwide, so I have published here the entire building project.

This is the bare PCB for the spot welder controller, without components, to assemble by yourself. This version is not much more sold anymore, most people buy the complete ready version with TFT display, see HERE:

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