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Ik heb veel interessante projecten die ik nog wil publiceren op deze website maar ik kom er niet aan toe. Welke hobbyist wil meehelpen? Klik hier.

SAM 15x15 Arduino SAMD21


Arduino compatible SAMD21 board with 34 I/O pins
Arduino compatible SAMD21 board with 34 I/O pins

The SAM 15x15 is an Arduino development board of 28x28mm, with the same powerful controller as the Arduino Zero: the SAMD21G18. Despite the small size, it has more I/O pins than the Arduino Zero or SAMD21 Mini/Dev Breakout: 34 instead of 21. Due to the very small dimensions it will fit easily into all embedded electronic projects, even in microdrones. Including pin header:

Pin header 4 pin
Pin header 4 pin

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