Unique visitors per month

Unique visitors per month
Unique visitors per month
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How to get a high Google ranking

To achieve a high ranking in Google, it is not necessary to do many tricks with SEO. Basically, Google looks at content; if people stay some time at a webpage, the content is interesting and the ranking can be high. Sometimes it amazed me why some keywords have such a high ranking, here are some examples:

keywords position results
mosfet graph 1 500.000
hub motor 9 32.000.000
LiFePO4 ebike 4 900.000
photos tenerife 3 23.000.000

My favorite Joomla extensions that work

I've wasted a lot of time by trying out 3rd party Joomla extensions, about 80% don't work properly, unless I spend a lot of time to fix them. I've found a few Joomla extensions that work well, you can test them out on my site:


  • JCE Editor Unlike other editors this editor simply work fine.
  • DB Replacer. Quick search and replace text in all articles and edit database.


  • SmartResizer. The small images in the articles (thumbnails) are created and resized automatically from the uploaded larger images.
  • Article Auto ToC. Generates a table of contents on top of an article based on the headings hierarchy.
  • SIGE. Simple image gallery inside articles.
  • YouTube Embedder. YouTube integration.
  • Hs Syntax Highlighter. Display source code.


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