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GPX-track point reduction programs

Reducing the number of points in a GPS track can be necessary because some programs and GPS devices can only handle a limited number of points. For instance, many Garmin GPS devices don't accept tracks with more than 500 points. The reduced track should be near the original. 

The ideal track point reduction program should use a smart algorithm:

  • Remove only redundant points.
  • Sharp turns may not be rounded. 
  • When points are removed, adjacent points should be redistributed.
  • Reduce just enough to obtain the given maximum number of points.

Here are some free track point reduction programs that accept the GPX format:

I would like to know if there are other programs and what is the best.

Garmin Etrex buttons description

Each button on the Garmin Etrex has several functions. That is hard to remember, especially if you have not used the GPS for a while. Therefore, I made a button description which you can paste on the Garmin Etrex. Download here. It will be printed at the exact size.

Garmin Etrex buttons description
Garmin Etrex buttons description


Garmin Etrex buttons description
Garmin Etrex buttons description

Display protection

Protect the display from damage. A suitable protective film is the 00047007 Hama Digi Cam Screen Protect 7,1 x 5,3 cm (3,5"), 3. It contains three sheets.

Hama Digi Cam Screen Protect
Hama Digi Cam Screen Protect

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