In 2010, I started building a solar-powered bicycle, the Maxun One. Herefore, I need special equipment, parts and software that I make myself and that's how I roll from one project to another. On my website, I share my ideas and designs. This are my most popular projects.

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I have developed the D.I.Y spot welder because I needed a special spot welder for the building of my Maxun One solar bike. It turned out that the spot welder is being built by many people worldwide, so I have published here the entire building project.

For my solar bike, the Maxun One, I had special wishes regarding the electronics. To increase the reliability, I wanted to reduce the number of cables and connectors. Also, I also wanted to control the speed with my ergonomic thumb throttle switch. Therefore, I developed the Maxun e-kit which also got extra features such as a 5V power output and the connection to wireless meters. I started this project in 2015 and the e-kit has proven to be extreme reliable.

The Arduino Universal Power Control (UPC) board can be used for many applications. 

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