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This is an universal Arduino controller board that can be used for various applications where devices at mains voltage must be controlled:

  • Spot welder controller
  • Vacuum pressure controller
  • Thermocouple temperature controller
  • Smart solid state relay or dimmer

The UPC board has the following features

  • Power control by a high power alternistor
  • TFT display
  • Menu buttons
  • Integrated 3.3V power supply
  • No separate Arduino board needed
  • Can handle high inductive loads
  • Zero cross detection
  • Buzzer on board
  • Breadboard for custom modifications
  • Arduino ATmega328 with bootloader, programmable via the Arduino IDE 
  • Optional temperature sensor input DS18B20 (software not implemented)
  • Optional custom digital output 3.3V (software not implemented)

Hammond enclosure

The PCB fits exactly into the Hammond Electronics 1591XXSGY enclosure.

Fits into this Hammond caseHammond 1591XXSGY

Circuit description

Standard TRIACs have turn-off problems with inductive loads. Therefore, a high power alternistor is used here, also named as:

  • Snubberless triac
  • Three-quadrant triac
  • High commutation triac

The RC snubber network R14 and C4 protects the circuit from voltage transient spikes. The FTDI connector J2 is for re-programming. The ISP connector J9 is for burning the Arduino bootloader.

Spot welding pulse timer control panel with TFT display circuit


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